Shadow of the Stone is a home for low-run releases of  black metal, doom, folk and ambient music.


Stone I - Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star" preview cdr, 10 copies (out of print)
Stone II - Harrow "Rehearsal MMXIII" cdr, 30 copies (out of print)
Stone III - Crooked Mouth "Live in Salem" cassette, 23 copies (out of print)
Stone IV - Kamlaniye cassette, 100 copies on cassette (out of print)
Stone V - Harrow "Fragments of a Fallen Star," 100 copies on cassette
Stone VI - Harrow "The River," 100 copies on cd (out of print)
Stone VII - Crooked Mouth "Decay," 500 copies on cd
Stone VIII - Crooked Mouth "Forget Not" digital only


We have several free and pay digital downloads available of releases on our bandcamp pages here:

Other downloads can be found through the artist's own pages if they exist.

We also have a blog presence for news and updates here:

Lastly, Harrow and Crooked Mouth can be followed on facebook: