• Image of Crooked Mouth & Night Profound - cassette

A collaboration between two British Columbia neofolk artists. The members of both bands play on each track of this collection of new and old material. Released by Brave Mysteries in 2015. Vinyl coming soon from Neuropa...

Quintessence (... of grief)
The Raven
Left in Ruins
Black Bear
Fear in Love
Where the Wind Is (a farewell...)

From Brave Mysteries:

"In the first ever Brave Mysteries collaboration release, we find two very exciting young Canadian Neofolk acts, Crooked Mouth and Night Profound, joining together to create a very touching album of pastoral ballads. Intricate acoustic tapestries and hushed voices rise and fall in a unique offering that is both reminiscent of their individual styles as well as entirely new and exclusive to this effort. For those unfamiliar, Crooked Mouth is the stirring folk music of Ian Campbell, whose music is equally steeped in traditional Gaelic folk forms and nuanced personal reflections on the brooding expanses of his native land way up in rugged British Columbia. On this remarkable working, the introverted and shadowy nature of Crooked Mouth is expanded and illuminated by the miasma of chthonic folk collective Night Profound. Also hailing from British Columbia, Night Profound weave a kaleidoscopic instrumental prowess and progressive songwriting through the proceedings. This is a truly unique album, offering glimpses at two nascent acts, working in intimate collaboration with one another while drawing inspiration from a region of the world thus far unrepresented in Neofolk circles."